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ENS Paris-Saclay / Beijing Institute of Technology Mini-symposium in Chemistry and Physics

le 15 novembre 2019
9h30 - 16h30

Mini-symposium ENS Paris-Saclay Beijing Institute of Technology (Auditorium D. Chemla - Bâtiment IDA) le vendredi 15 novembre 2019.

9h30: Fabien Miomandre (PPSM, ENS Paris-Saclay)
Welcome address and presentation of PPSM
9h45 - 12h10: Morning Session
Gilles Clavier (PPSM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Luminescent Layer-by-layer surfaces for bacteria detection
Mélanie Lebental (LPQM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Three-dimensional microlasers fabricated by direct laser writing
Mu-Hua Huang (School of Materials Science & Engineering, BIT) - 30 min
Functional porous organic polymers via pre-functionalization
Coffee break - 15 min
Clémence Allain (PPSM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Mechanofluorochromic molecules and materials: towards local stress probes?
Abdel El Abed (LPQM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Optofluidic actuation and high throughput analysis of size controlled microdroplets and microparticles in microfluidic systems
Isabelle Leray (PPSM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Calixarene-based fluorescent sensor for the detection of alcali cation and amines
12h10 - 14h00: Buffet Lunch (Espace Chemla)
14h00 - 16h25: Afternoon session
Isabelle Ledoux (LPQM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 5 min
Presentation of LPQM
Ngoc Diep Lai (LPQM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
3D manipulation of a single photon source at room temperature
Zhengyu Zhang (PPSM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Laser Induced Nucleation in Microfluidic
Chunlin He (School of Materials Science & Engineering, BIT) - 30 min
Tuning the properties of energetic compounds Incorporating with dinitromethyl group
Coffee break - 15 min
Fabien Miomandre (PPSM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Graphene sheets covalently modified by tetrazines for energy storage and electrocatalysis
Guillaume Laurent (PPSM, ENS Paris-Saclay) - 20 min
Multi-component hybrid material showing fluorescence, photochromic and plasmonic properties
Jingrui Zhang (School of Aerospace Engineering, BIT) - 15 min
Title to be announced
Closing remarks

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Dr Nicolas Bogliotti
Lieu(x) :
Campus de Cachan
Auditorium D. Chemla - Bâtiment IDA

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