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Recherche - Valorisation, International

New Strategies for Fluorescence Manipulation: Intermolecular pi-Interaction Issues

le 24 juin 2013

Séminaire, du Pr Soo Young Park (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University, Corée du Sud) à l'invitation du PPSM.

Portrait Soo Young Park

Portrait Soo Young Park

Controlling the intermolecular interaction of -conjugated molecules via rational molecular design of primary chemical structure is to make innovation in molecular electronics and photonics.   In this work, I will demonstrate novel molecular design strategies developed in my group which give unique and peculiar control on the molecular stacking, energy transfer, electron transfer, patterning, and sensing. Keywords for the topics to be covered in this presentation are as follows:  molecule with elastic twist, aggregation-induced emission, piezochromic fluorescence, frustrated energy transfer, molecular pixel, supramolecular exciplex, organic heterojunction, switching of photoinduced electron transfer, solvent vapor annealing, time-gated sensing to list a few. 

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Séminaires - conférences
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Pierre Audebert
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Campus de Cachan
Salle de conférence du Pavillon des Jardins
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Recherche d'une actualité