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Stability assessments on luminescent down-shifting molecules for UV-protection of perovskite solar cells

Gheno, A; Trigaud, T; Boucle, J; Audebert, P; Ratier, B; Vedraine, S, Optical Materials, 2018, 75, 781-786.

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Optical Materials, 2018, 75, 781-786.

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Gheno, A; Trigaud, T; Boucle, J; Audebert, P; Ratier, B; Vedraine, S

In this work the use of a S-tetrazine (NITZ) molecule with down-shifting capability to improve the stability of perovskite solar cells is reported. Indeed perovskite solar cells are known to present a high sensitivity to UV light and one strategy to overcome this issue is to actually supress the UV from the illumination light. The NITZ down-shifting molecule is well suited for this application since it has the particularity to be excited in the near-UV region and to emit into the visible light spectrum, giving the possibility to recycle UV photons for additional current generation. Through current-voltage curves, incident-photon-to-electron conversion efficiency, and photoluminescence spectroscopy characterization we show that NITZ presents an emission quantum yield of 30% which allows to reduce the loss of JSC induced by the use of a conventional UV filter, even if a net gain in photocurrent is not achieved in our case. We also present a simple prediction of the ability of a down-shifting molecule to efficiently perform for a specific active material. Moreover, we finally discuss the possibility to improve using such down-shifting strategy, the performance of some perovskite solar cells based on alternatives electron-transporting layers such as WO3, which are known to alter the active layer performance following UV light absorption.

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Paru le 5 janvier 2018
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DOI: 10.1016/j.optmat.2017.11.027


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