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Single particle SERS signal on gold nanorods: comparative study of diarylethene photochromic isomers

Julien-Rabant, C; Debarre, A; Metivier, R; Laurent, G JOURNAL OF OPTICS 2015, 17, 114018.

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JOURNAL OF OPTICS 2015, 17, 114018.

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Julien-Rabant, C; Debarre, A; Metivier, R; Laurent, G

In this paper, gold nanorods (GNRs) were synthesized and characterized by absorption spectroscopy, scanning electronic microscopy and dark-field scattering spectroscopy. The density of nanorods on the glass substrate has been controlled in order to select locations where a single particle can be illuminated by the excitation focal spot. Diarylethene photochromic molecules were deposited on the GNRs and surface enhanced Raman scattering experiments were performed in single particle condition to study both isomer's forms. In addition, calculations were performed to precisely resolve each isomer's vibrational modes. By combining both calculation and experiments, the open and closed forms of the photochromic molecule have been characterized. Moreover, the presence of conformers in the case of the open form has been pointed out, which is an important parameter to take into account of the photochromic process due to different photo-activity with respect to the antiparallel or parallel configuration. Thanks to the results obtained, we propose a method that could be used in further experiments to follow photochromic reactions based on the selection of a specific fingerprint, which allows us to unambiguously assign the detected signal to one isomer form of the photochromic molecule.

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Paru le 23 octobre 2015
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DOI: 10.1088/2040-8978/17/11/114018


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